Alaia started bellydancing in 2004, and fell in love with the dance style, history, and culture.  She began her training in tribal and tribal fusion styles, but found her dance home when she took her first traditional Egyptian style class.  Since then, she has been learning, teaching, and performing with an Egyptian flair.  She also enjoys using props, such as veil, sword, and zills (finger cymbals).
Alaia has been performing since 2008, in many venues, including on stage, at private parties and haflas, and in restaurants.
As a life-long sci-fi geek, Alaia can also do more niche-themed performances in the wider geek community, including Star Wars, Fifth Element, Wonder Woman, pirate, and steampunk.  Ask for something specific, and she can probably accommodate your request.  Please be advised that if she needs to create a new themed outfit, she will need more advance notice, and there will be an added charge for time and materials.