Book Alaia!

Thank you for choosing Alaia for your performance, event, or workshop!  Please contact Alaia with your specifics, and she will be able to give you a quote based on your requests.  Since different events have different requirements, here are a few basic options for you to consider.


Number of sets:  Most requests are for one 30-minute slot (usually split into two 15-minute sets or three 10-minute sets)

Props:  Sword, veil, zills (finger cymbals), cane, palm torches, other

Style of dance:  Classical Egyptian, folkloric, tribal, geek fusion, other

Costuming:  Do you have a specific theme in mind?  Costuming requests must be appropriate for a family-friendly environment.

Music:  Live music provided by venue, or taped music brought by performer?

Frequency of event:  Is this a one-time event, or are you looking for a regular booking?

Surprises:  Is this performance a surprise for someone (e.g. for a birthday)?

Photography:  Will there be videos or photographs of the event?

*Please note that male-only audiences will not be considered.*



Whether booking for a class or workshop, please specify number of participants, topics to cover, space layout, etc.

Dance classes can be an hour or 75 minutes, and can be for adults, children over the age of 6, or a mix.

Alaia can teach workshops tailored to different dance topics, either in lecture, dance, or a combination.  Below is the synopsis of her most recent workshop:

“Sand, Shimmies, and Song:  A Brief Interactive History of Middle Eastern Dance.”

Bellydance is a modern term that encompasses a wide range of dance styles that originated in the Middle East. While many people now think of bellydancers as solely stage performers or sensual dancers, the history of the dance is much more complicated. This class aims to dispel the myths and unpack some of that history, across several cultures and millennia. Come learn the story, and pick up some fun new dance moves! This is a family-friendly class, open to ages 10 and up.  It will be a 3-hour workshop (2+ hours of lecture and discussion, with up to an hour of dance interspersed).

Also available:

“Medieval Middle Eastern Dance: Historical Resources vs. Conjecture”

This is a specialty workshop focused on the time period between 600-1600 C.E.  Throughout that tumultuous time, empires rose and fell, cultural exchange expanded, and the arts flourished.  We will cover dance in the varying cultures that inhabited the areas which now comprise Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Greece, and Andalusian Spain.  While we do have writings and art that depict dancers from these cultures, there is still much that we don’t know.  Historical re-enactors attempt to fill the gaps, but the depictions change as archaeology and research discover new material.  We will attempt to separate fact from guesswork, and to give you tools to help you distinguish between them.  This is primarily a lecture-based class, but will include a few movements based on historical evidence.  This is a family-friendly class, open to ages 10 and up.  It will be a 1-hour workshop.