Middle Eastern Dance History:

History of Oriental dance, or “Dance of the East”

History of the Bedlah

FAQs about Bellydance


Local Dance Instructors and Performers:

Alia Thabit, St. Johnsbury teacher and performer

Aslahan, MA teacher and performer

Emily Piper, MA teacher and performer

Farha, NYC teacher and performer

Kay Hardy Campbell, Maine writer, teacher, and performer

Mila Julardzija, South End Studio (Burlington) teacher

Raq-On Studio, White River Junction (Amity Alize, owner/instructor)

Rosa Noreen, Maine teacher and performer

Samantha Burnstein, Montreal teacher and performer

Tava, CT and NYC teacher and performer


Not-so-local Instructors and Programs:

Aeshna Mairead, Texas teacher and performer

Leila Farid, U.S.-based international teacher and performer

Sahra Saeeda, Journey Through Egypt, CA-based international teacher and performer, with intensive programs in the U.S. and Egypt

Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance, San Francisco, CA, teacher and performer

Shira, Iowa-based teacher and performer

Tamalyn Dallal, New Orleans international teacher, performer, writer, & film-maker



Websites with Song Translations:

Shems Dance






Raqs NZ


Costumes & Designs:

Shadia Costume Design

Santineao Designs

Hayda Designs

Dahlal International Store

Cairo Closet

Yasmin’s Egyptian Costumes

Bella Costumes


Various Costume References:

Green Velvet Bedlah

Ice-blue Bedlah

Green Lycra Outfit

Teal Outfit

Burgundy & Gold Bella


For Performers:

Performing and Professionalism (by Samira)

Rates and Ethics (by Tava)