Middle Eastern Dance History:

History of Oriental dance, or “Dance of the East”

History of the Bedlah

FAQs about Bellydance


Local Dance Instructors and Performers:

Emily Piper, Burlington teacher and performer

Aeshna Mairead, Burlington teacher and performer

Raq-On Studio, White River Junction (Amity Alize, owner/instructor)

Alia Thabit, St. Johnsbury teacher and performer

Aslahan, MA teacher and performer

Tava, CT and NYC teacher and performer

Farha, NYC teacher and performer


Websites with Song Translations:

Shems Dance






Raqs NZ


Costumes & Designs:

Shadia Costume Design

Santineao Designs

Hayda Designs

Dahlal International Store

Cairo Closet

Yasmin’s Egyptian Costumes


Various Costume References:

Green Velvet Bedlah

Ice-blue Bedlah

Green Lycra Outfit

Gold Leopard Outfit

White & gold 1980s bedlah

Lavendar Bedlah

Same design in blue

Teal Outfit

Burgundy & Gold Bella


For Performers:

Performing and Professionalism (by Samira)

Rates and Ethics (by Tava)